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Ever wonder how to become a professional eater, the story behind the Siri or how the career of an Instagram Meme Curator started?  Well we have the podcast for you, Vic and Stu on the Tues mixes both comedy and interesting guests to bring you great info and a fun time. With Vic currently living in Quito, Ecuador, we are also launching Vida La Vic. A weekly blog partly about travel, and partly about adjusting to new city in a new continent.

We’re a pod of the people, so if you have any suggestions or comments regarding the podcasts give us a shout at vicandstupodcast@gmail.com and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and twitter @vicandstu.

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Lindsay Visits Ecuador!

After two long months of living vicariously through Victor, I finally got to see Ecuador through my own eyes last week. Victor convinced me to write a blog about our incredible weekend together, so we each took different parts of the adventure. Make sure you read his post here!

I landed in Quito on a Thursday morning, groggy and disoriented after a red-eye flight and layover in Panama City. Thankfully, I was only responsible for a couple of small tasks: getting through customs without saying anything stupid, and finding Sr. Bolivar, the driver Victor had arranged. I managed to accomplish both of these tasks uneventfully, and was quickly on my way to downtown Quito.

The plan was to meet Victor at a restaurant below his apartment called The Green Choice, so I found a table and waited. After asking the store clerk for the wifi password and getting iPhone pictures of her granddaughter instead — the first of many signs that my Spanish is not what it used to be — Victor finally found me. Turns out I was in the smoothie store below The Green Choice. Oops. We took a few minutes to unpack and eat empanadas before he had to return to work, and I decided to follow him downtown to take advantage of the sunny afternoon in Quito. I took a pit stop at his office, mostly to confirm that Victor actually works while he is in Ecuador. For those readers who are wondering the same thing, I can say that he has at least found a convincing way to fake it 🙂

For the rest of the afternoon, I explored the gorgeous Parque La Carolina and wandered around Quito’s professional district. That evening, I would get my first real taste of what makes Quito special when we had dinner at a traditional Ecuadorian restaurant in the chic La Floresta district near Victor’s apartment. I ate seco de pollo as my main dish, a full plate of chicken, rice, and hot aji sauce. But the true winner was the appetizer: locro de papas. As only a true gringa could observe, the thick soup tastes like someone put mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes into a blender and added avocado to the top. In other words, I could eat this three times a day. We ended our night with a canelazo (a warm, cinnamon-y, strong drink) at a nearby bar called El Pobre Diablo. Anthony Bourdain visited this bar when he filmed an episode of his travel show in Ecuador; since this episode was responsible for 99% of Victor’s knowledge of the country before he moved, it was only right to pay homage.

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Vic and Stu Episode 42: Mind-Set Business Coach Taylor Dixon

Click Here -> Vic and Stu Ep 42 Taylor Dixon

On this week’s Vic and Stu on the Tues, entrepreneur Taylor Dixon joins the pod to discuss how she became a business owner right out of college, landed clients and started a new career as a mind-set business coach. If you weren’t motivated before listening, you’ll be ready to take on life after this one. She even life coaches the boys out of their problems. Any female listeners interested in joining one of her programs check her out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/taylorloucoaching/. She still has a spot so hurry on up!

After the interview, friend of the pod Joey Levenson hops in for your favorite segments like “Beagle News” and “Weird Food Stories” along with some other topics like how to find an apartment in a new city. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to leave a review for the contest! #BabyMcBabyFace


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Vic and Stu Ep. 41 Jason Adam Katzenstein

Click here to Listen—> Vic and Stu Ep 41 Jason Adam Katzenstein

On this weeks Vic and Stu on the Tues, we are joined by the New Yorker cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein. We get into the career of a cartoonist, the method that goes into creating, drawing cartoons in the age of Trump and even brainstorm a couple ideas. If you are interested in the book he illustrated, you can buy Camp Midnight here.

After that, the boys get into some segments. We have a listener story to follow up from our “American Vandal” conversation last week, updates on Ecuador, Vic’s weird food story of the week and a new segment “Beagle Update”. Of course we recap our contest, and we are definitely still searching for more entries to #NameTheKing.

Like us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and make sure to listen on our to enter our brand contest with a comment. Here’s our iTunes link, leave a review to get entered: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vic-and-stus-podcast-network-comedy/id1189992339?mt=2

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Vic and Stu On the Tues Ep.40 Vic is in Ecuador

Vic and Stu Episode 40

Missed you guys last week, but this week we get back into it. We take time catching up with the boys with Stu’s move to #Atlanta and Vic’s big move to #Quito, #Ecuador. We have our first international pod to talk about adjusting to life in Ecuador.

We shake things up with some new segments including Twitter Beefs, What to Watch and odd restaurant story. Like us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and make sure to listen on our to enter our brand new content. Not to spoil anything, but this is the most important contest we’ve ever had. Here’s our iTunes link, leave a review to get entered: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vic-and-stus-podcast-network-comedy/id1189992339?mt=2

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Ep 39 Jeanna Thomas Falcons Beat Reporter

Click here to listen —> Vic and Stu Ep 39 Jeanna Thomas

On this week’s pod, we do a little Falcons preview with SB Nation and Falcoholic reporter Jeanna Thomas (@jeannathomas) where she gives us the inside scoop for all we want to know. If you need season predictions, knowledge on the best ping pong players in the locker room or potentially the best worst date story we’ve heard, then you need to listen now.

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Ep 38 Reid Hailey AKA Shithead Steve

Check it out here -> Vic and Stu on the Tues Ep 38 ShitheadSteve

On this week’s episode, meme curator Reid Hailey AKA shitheadsteve AKA trashcanpaul AKA animals/kids/drunkpeople doing things joins the pod for a discussion on all things meme.  Ever wanted to start your own meme channel, interested in knowing the first steps, what about the work that goes into it? Check it out now for all those questions and more, including your favorite segments of Vic’s Crazy News Story, the dreaded two questions and a brand new segment of Disney Channel Movie Wikipedia Game.

Check out Reid’s site here: https://shitheadsteve.com/ and his Instagram  for great memes.

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Vic and Stu on the Tues Ep 37: Susan Bennett, the Voice of Siri

Click Here to Listen-> Vic and Stu Ep 37: Susan Bennet, the Voice of Siri

On this week’s Vic and Stu on the Tues, our guest may have a familiar sounding voice. Her name is Susan Bennett, and she is an extremely talented voice actor who you may recognize from holding down your thumb on the home button of an iPhone. That’s right, THE voice of Siri. She joins us to discuss how her career started, some other voices you may recognize and advice on how to become a voice actor. She also does a great segment of “Diego Luna” impersonation that is MUST LISTEN CONTENT. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for new content.

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